American Family Physician


American Family Physician (AFP) is the official journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP). AFP is a semi-monthly peer-reviewed journal covering topics relevant to Family Medicine. AFP publishes original clinical review articles that demonstrate a Family Medicine perspective and approach to common clinical conditions, as well as other evidence-based resources such as Point-of-Care Guides, Cochrane Briefs, and Family Practice Clinical Inquiries. AFP is indexed in MEDLINE and other indexing services. 

The Department of Family Medicine has close ties to American Family Physician; its Vice Chair, Dr. Jay Siwek, is editor of the medical journal, and its editorial office is located in the Department. Dr. Siwek is currently assisted by his editorial staff, which includes Associate Deputy Editor Caroline Wellbery, M.D; and Associate Editor Sumi Sexton, M.D.


AFP’s objective is to provide high quality continuing medical education (CME) for more the 200,000 family physicians and primary care clinicians. Journal articles are succinct, evidence-based authoritative clinical reviews focused on clinical conditions that are frequently encountered by family physicians, with a particular emphasis on diagnosis, treatment and/or management of common, important diseases. AFP does not publish original research articles. For more information about our submission guidelines, please see our Author's Guide.