Medical Student Education Courses

Course title
Year 1: Intersession 1 & 3
Lectures, TBL, workshops & small group discussion
Year 1
Small group community service
Fall of Year 2
Small group electives
Year 1
Office-based clinical experience
Year 1 & Fall of Year 2
Lectures, workshops, assignments & small group discussion
Year 2 & 3: 12 four-week blocks
Office-based clinical experience,  seminars, workshops & small group  discussion
Year 4: July-June, 2- or 4-week blocks
Office-based clinical  experience
Year 4: July-June, 2- or
4-week blocks
Office-based clinical, research or advocacy experience

Population Health Scholars Track (PHST)

Years 1-4 Longitudinal curriculum in population health

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