Evidence Based Medicine II

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) II is a required course for all students at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. It is the second part of the two-part course Evidence Based Medicine, and is taken by second-year students. The course goals are:

  • To demonstrate and contextualize how key concepts of biostatistics, epidemiology, and evidence based medcine are used in the medical literature and applied to patient care.
  • To teach students to evaluate the medical literature and apply evidence to patient care.
  • To teach students the process and approach of conducting a literature search, critically assessing different information sources, and fully utilizing electronic, digital and other technologies essential in practicing evidence based medicine.
  • To review the biostatistics and epidemiology knowledge components taught in EBM I and required for the USMLE Step 1 Examination.

For more detailed information, please read the EBM II course syllabus or contact Predoctoral Coordinator Andrea Cammack.

Last Modified 03.04.10