Family Medicine Clerkship




Participation in the Family Medicine Clerkship provides 3rd-year students with an overview of the specialty of Family Medicine, residency training, practice patterns and common diagnoses seen in the family physician's office. Students may elect to do their clerkship locally or away with a board-certified family physician. Away sites are sites more than two hours away from Georgetown that offer unique aspects of practice that we are unable to provide locally. For more detailed information:


To provide clinical training experience in ambulatory primary care, specifically in the setting of Family Medicine, over a wide range of diseases, patient characteristics, and encounter settings.

  • To provide opportunities for training in rural and underserved settings.
  • To provide training opportunities and resources to practice techniques of Evidence-Based Medicine.
  • To promote interest in further training in the specialty of Family Medicine.


The Family Medicine Clerkship utilizes the GUSOM lottery, where students can note their interest in an away, military, local away, suburban, or urban underserved spot. However, please see more instructions in our Away Rotation FAQ regarding away rotations: choosing this option in the lottery only tells us that you are interested in going away; it DOES NOT secure you an away spot.


  • Local sites can be up to one hour away from GU main campus by car. There are no sites at GUH, and almost all sites are in the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia.
  • We have 1-2 spots each month at underserved (urban and suburban) sites. Please note that Georgetown and other medical schools in the area are are assigned underserved spots by the DC underserved consortium, and therefore only certain underserved sites will be available for student rotations each block.


  • Our one military site, Fort Belvoir, can take one student per rotation from January-June only. If you request this option during a January-June rotation, we will place you there if Fort Belvoir has the capacity. If they don't, you will be placed in the pool of local suburban sites.
  • Local away sites are more than one hour away from GU main campus by car. We have an urban medicine option at Franklin Square Hospital Center in Baltimore, a rural practice in Shady Side, Maryland with Dr. Harvey Steinfeld and Dr. William Jones, and a rural practice in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia with Dr. Andrew Berens. These sites often offer opportunities to do more procedures or see different patient populations than our suburban sites. (Students rotating at these sites are still required to return to Georgetown on Fridays for lectures.)


  • A maximum of four students can go on an away rotation each four-week block of the year, and all associated expenses must be covered by the students. The applications are reviewed/approved on a first come, first served basis. Please see the Away Rotation FAQ for more detailed information. 

For more information please email Clerkship Coordinator, Ms. Xerxeser Kayode at