Primary Care Scholarship Program

Congratulations to our 2020 AHEC Summer Research Scholars on the delivery of their capstone presentations!

Malcolm Meredith, M2

The Deficit of Black Men in the US Healthcare System

William Gatenby, M2

A Descriptive Analysis of Depression and Cardiovascular Disease in Emergency Department Visits

Matthew Lamberti, M2

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Ambika Paulson, M2

Behavioral Health Capacity of MedStar Health System

Emily Krisanda, M2

Health Promotion for Families Worldwide

Whitney Peterson, M2

Follow-Up Treatment for Depression in HIV Positive Patients at Whitman Walker Health Center

Congratulations to 2019-2020 AHEC Tuition Scholarship Recipients!

Jorge Flautero Arcos, Allison Doyle, Tara Filsuf, Erica Meninno, Jhenya Nahreini, Jack Pollack, Griselda Potka & Elizabeth Wetterer

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1. Primary Care Leadership Tuition Scholarship (up to $15,000)

  • 4th year medical students who have demonstrated a commitment to primary care and/or have had clinical experiences at an AHEC partner/underserved site are eligible to be considered for our tuition scholarship award.
  • Students MUST match into a primary care specialty on match day in order to receive this award.

2. GUSOM NHS Primary Care Scholar Award ($1,000)

  • Clinical experience in Primary Care rotations in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine at underserved partner sites.

3. Primary Care Leadership Summer Research Scholars ($4,800)

  • MedStar Summer Research Symposium
  • AHRQ Practice-Based Research Network Annual Conference
  • HRSA Health Careers Symposium
  • AAFP National Conference for Residents and Students, Kansas City, MO
  • Clinical Shadowing at AHEC (underserved site)
  • GEP, ARCHES, GSP Mentor