Primary Care Scholarship Program

Our Primary Care Scholarship Program is an opportunity to support GUSOM and GUSON students choosing underserved primary care clinical experiences and health equity research. Below are four opportunities for students to apply:

  1. Primary Care Tuition Credit Award
    • Eligibility: Rising 4th Year Medical Students participating in the national residency match program can apply in the summer. Applicants MUST match into one of the four primary care specialties as defined by HRSA, i.e. Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics or Med-Peds, on Match Day in order to receive the award of up to $15,000.
    • Application: View this form for more information and deadline to apply.
  2. Primary Care Scholar Award
  3. Primary Care Clerkship Scholar Award
  4. Summer Research Scholar Award
    • Eligibility: Medical students participating in the AHEC Summer Research Scholars program, a subset of the MedStar Health Summer Scholars Program, will receive an award of $4,800. Research projects focus on health disparities and primary care, and educational initiatives impacting medical education. AHEC Scholars will have opportunities for clinical shadowing, and learn about core topic areas in social determinants of health, behavioral health, cultural humility, interprofessional education, practice transformation, COVID-19, and opioid use disorder. By the end of the summer, each scholar will have at least 40 hours of clinical experience and 40 hours of experiential or didactic learning experiences in core topic areas to meet the requirements of becoming an AHEC Scholar. The weekly hourly commitment is consistent for all MedStar Summer Research scholars. Students will also be mentors for AHEC pathway programs during the summer, as well as be eligible for conference scholarships like the AAFP National Conference.
    • Application: The Office of Student Research together with the MedStar Health Research Institute administer the application process.