The Research Division of the Department of Family Medicine conducts community oriented, patient-based, and interdisciplinary research. Faculty and staff conduct research in areas such as patient education, disease prevention, and chronic disease care, and are involved in running and participating in the Capital Area Primary Care Research Network (CAPRICORN), a local practice-based research network in the DC metropolitan area. With the support of grants from private industry, foundations, the USDA, and NIH, the Research Division conducts translational research in probiotics, HIV and other infectious diseases. Current and recent studies focusing on probiotics and their impact on human health include DRINK, MILK, SIPPY I and II, PHASE, PRIDE, and PLAY. At present, the Research Division is also planning a large, international clinical trial on acute sinusitis.

In addition, the Research Division works closely with science students of all education levels. The Division often hosts fourth-year Medical Students who elect to complete a rotation in research, as well as graduate-level Physiology and Biophysics students completing their Complementary & Alternative Medicine Field Practicum. Undergraduates in the Department of Human Science in the School of Nursing and Health Studies have also completed their internship requirement within the department. Further, the Division works with young, aspiring scientists in the High School STEP-UP Summer program.


  • Work with the community to conduct evidence-based patient oriented clinical research.
  • Collaborate with multiple universities and disciplines to conduct integrated, properly designed studies that allow important clinical questions to be answered.
  • Develop research projects with students that will help enhance clinical care.