Volunteer Faculty Application and Resources


Key to the success of the Medical Student Education Division is the participation of those who volunteer to teach our medical students. These committed individuals devote a considerable amount of time and effort to teaching in various capacities, whether it be by teaching a selective, being a small group leader, or precepting a student. In recognition of their contributions, they are eligible to receive a volunteer faculty appointment with our Department. Most of our volunteer faculty pursue a particular faculty track, which is assigned by our Department Chairman.


In order to become volunteer faculty, eligible individuals must complete a series of application forms and provide two letters of support. Before you begin the application process, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Michelle Roett at 202-687-1600 or mar2@georgetown.edu and let her know of your interest and intent. You can begin the application process by accessing the required forms at the Volunteer Faculty Application website.


Here are some of the options you can use to qualify for faculty appointment or fulfill your faculty teaching responsibilities in the Department of Family Medicine. Please choose from among the following:

  • Precept one of the following in your clinical office:
    • first year students (6-8 half-days per semester).
    • third year clerkship students (four-week blocks, four days a week).
    • fourth year students (four-week blocks, five days a week).
  • Precept residents at the family practice residency or other training site such as Unity Health Care (one half-day per week).
  • Participate in the family practice call schedule for inpatient care, deliveries or both.
  • Lead a small group of studnets in courses such as Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM, 6 sessions), Selectives (6 sessions), Patients, Populations and Policy (P3 5 sessions), Community-Based Learning (CBL, 6-8 of two-hour sessions, October-February).
  • Offer a clinical or research elective for students or residents
  • Be a regular lecturer for medical students or residents.
  • Serve as a student advisor, clinical or research mentor, or visiting faculty member in the department for at least one year.


  • University-issued NetID and GoCard (official university identification card). These allow for access to University library resources and some buildings and services, such as the free Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle service.
  • CME credit for teaching physicians. Please request a letter confirming your teaching hours to claim your CME credit. The American Academy of Family Physicians permits reporting CME hours for teaching of medical students, for “a maximum of 20 prescribed hours each yea.” Though we cannot determine exactly how many hours of teaching you provided to our students, each preceptor may claim only the hours they actually taught. For example, a Family Medicine clerkship student spends about 15 business days per rotation at a preceptor’s office. Many preceptors consider 1-2 hours of teaching time in a typical business day. Teaching may also be considered a group learning activity (for which you can claim CME hours). For information about obtaining AAFP CME credits, please visit the AAFP site. If you are not a Family Physician, please check with your board whether CME hours for teaching is allowed.
  • Faculty development workshops offer training on topics such as office based teaching skills, providing meaningful student feedback, and using electronic resources for patient management at the point of care.

For more information on volunteer faculty appointments with the Department of Family Medicine, please call 202-687-1600 or email fmfacultyappt@georgetown.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!

Updated 3/2021