Medical Humanities Fellowship

Medical Humanities Fellows explore and pursue scholarly and/or artistic and collaborative projects related to arts in medicine (narrative, music, visual or performing arts, reflective practices) over the course of their one year experience, develop a curricular project, research design and have numerous opportunities to incorporate medical humanities into teaching at pre- and post-doctoral levels.  This fellow serves as an instructor, assisting other department faculty in several aspects of teaching, research, and clinical practice. (Dr. Caroline Wellbery, Director).


  • Olapeju Simoyan, MD, MPH (2015 Visiting Fellow) Dr. Simoyan created a photographic exhibit of successful women physicians for Georgetown Women in Medicine and a video product on YouTube “Women in Family Medicine.” Dr. Simoyan is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Epidemiology at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA. She also completed the STFM Fellowship in Medical Journalism.
  • Melissa Chan, MD (2013) is working for Sutter Health in Albany, CA. She co-authored an article on medical clothing and a book chapter on self-reflection with Dr. Wellbery.
  • Rebecca McAteer, MD (2013) lived in rural western Nepal, where she has served for two years as a family physician at Tansen Mission Hospital.  She also served as faculty with the hospital’s residency program for junior Nepali physicians, learning to read, write, and practice medicine in the Nepali language.  She returned to the US in 2015, planning to continue full-spectrum clinical practice and teaching. 
  • Christy Tharenos, MD, MSPH (2012) is teaching in the New Hanover Regional Family Medicine Residency Program in North Carolina. She continues to give presentations on arts in medicine.