Fourth-Year Electives

The Department of Family Medicine offers eleven courses and acting internships (AI). Visiting students should follow the Visiting Students Program procedures. Below is a list of courses offered in 2022-2023. For description of each elective, see the link above:

  • FAMD-502: Urgent Care Elective
  • FAMD-511: Legal Medicine, Tricare Management Activity
  • FAMD-515: Family Medicine, Ft. Lincoln Family Medical Center
  • FAMD-516: Fertility Awareness Based Methods for Women’s Health, Preventing Pregnancy, & Addressing Infertility
  • FAMD-517: Policy Studies in Family Practice and Primary Care
  • FAMD-518: Evidence-Based Medicine, Medical Writing & Editing
  • FAMD-520: Sexual and Gender Minority Health
  • FAMD-523: Pain & Addiction in Primary Care
  • FAMD-530: Primary Care Informatics
  • FAMD-440: Family Medicine AI at Fort Lincoln
  • FAMD-441: Family Medicine AI at Franklin Square

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